Greetings. Welcome to WCRW. This is a roleplay website based on the books by Erin Hunter. Just remember: always have fun, and may StarClan light your path!
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 Rules (Read Before Roleplaying)

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PostSubject: Rules (Read Before Roleplaying)   Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:31 pm

1.  All these Clans were actually in the books. Keep in mind the trademark personalities of the cats in these Clans.
2.  Avoid Mary Sue characters at all costs. Powers are also not allowed.
3.  If you wish to create a large event that will impact many cats, ask me first. If you have my approval, you may. This applies to prophecies, natural disasters, wild animal attacks, a new Clan, etc.
   a. If I agree to your prophecy, you must register a StarClan or Dark Forest cat to give the prophecy rather than simply putting one in your post.
   b. A few wild animal attacks are permitted, but a long-time infestation of multiple animals will require my permission.
4.  You may only play from the perspective of a domestic cat.
5.  Keep your posts clean. This is a kid friendly site.
6.  You must register your character and wait until they are accepted before roleplaying.
7.  Keep your cat realistic. This roleplay would be weird if we had a bunch of pink and green cats with rainbow wings named Tina or Bobbyface floating around.
8.  You may not create topics without my permission. If you do, they will be removed.
9.  You may not kill, cripple, or severely wound another user's characters without that user's permission.
10. DarkClan cats must have Clan names. However, Clan names for SlashClan cats, BloodClan cats, or Kin cats are frowned upon.
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Rules (Read Before Roleplaying)
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